How to choose your correct draw weight.

When choosing a first bow, it is best not to start with a heavy draw weight. Often a  too heavy draw weight is chosen making the bow difficult to draw and you end up with a bow that is not comfortable to shoot. Form, control, and shot placement are far more important than trying to shoot a too strong of a bow. The best way to choose the draw weight find a bow that you can draw and hold comfortably for about 5 seconds then bend at the waist 90 degrees and draw the bow while pointing it at the ground. if you cannot bring it to full draw it is too heavy and you should consider a lighter bow. For Men I suggest  beginning at about 40# as a starting bow weight, or a minimum weight of 45# if you intend to hunt. For women just beginning a 25# to 35# bow is a good place to start, As you gain experience and strength, you can move up to a bow with increased draw weight if you wish.