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Longbow Blanks made by Red Mountain Archery are Bamboo Backed Hickory, the limbs are tapered for correct bend and left full width for You to shape and tiller. The limbs and riser can be shaped to your preference then tillered to your draw weight and length Final finish draw weight of longbow blanks depends on your limb design and is not guaranteed.

Reflex Deflex Bow Blank

Reflex Deflex bow blank. Untillered,Made from hickory and is bamboo backed 
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Floor Tillered Longbow Blank

Floor tillered for proper bend. 
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Longbow Blank

Longbow blank. Untillered,Made of hickory and bamboo backed 
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Youth Unfinished Reflex Deflex Bow

Unfinished Reflex Deflex Longbow Youth Sized . 
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Adult and Youth Longbow Blanks

Adult and Youth Longbow Blanks Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow Blanks. 
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Youth Longbow Blank

Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow Blank for Childrens and Youth Bows 
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Youth Reflex Deflex Longbow Blank

Reflex Deflex Longbow Blank for a youth sized longbow. 
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